Blow Dryin Bangs


This summer I had real live bangs for the first time since I was a 10-year-old and my mom picked my hair cuts. My BFF and hair stylist for the better part of my life Mr. Josh Redmon  suggested bangs after I told him that I was bored with my long hair. After not doing anything drastic to my hair for several months, because who makes drastic hair changes months before your wedding, I went for it. But here was the problem. I had absolutely no idea how to do them. Continue reading


While I’m SO GLAD I got to visit Slush in Washington DC, I missed this incredible band at the White Rabbit last Sunday. Sniff, Sniff. You might recognize that opening rift + lyric from a New Girl episode. I know that’s where I first discovered Lucius and skipped back so I could Shazam it. On Spotify, you could only listen to their EP, which is equally whimsical and wonderful BUT they recently released their first full length album.  Wildewoman is a throwback to the albums of yesteryear when an entire album was one cohesive thought. Your directions for this album are as follows: listen from beginning to end. repeat.

Seriously though, Wildewoman will be the soundtrack to your autumn and winter, it’s already mine. Perfect for overcast days and the turning of the leaves, let Lucius warm you into winter.


The land of big, white buildings

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Hello dears! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA, I was off galavanting around in our nations capitol. I took some time off to visit my favorite Slush and spent a few days walking all over DC.  I’ll share more about my trip later.

Even though today is Tuesday, I’m going to share a Musiq Monday anyway, because I make the rules around here. Also this is totally worth it. There’s only one band in the world could make me go out of order and it is, ARCADE FIRE. Holy toldedo. Guys, their fourth album Reflektor dropped yesterday and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW WOW. Seriously. The title track Reflektor touts not only production from James Murphy (if you don’t know who that is we are not friends) but also vocals from DAVID FREAKING BOWIE. Wait, I don’t think you heard me. DAVID BOWIE SINGS ON THIS TRACK. (You should already have clicked to watch the music video, what are you waiting for?) From someone who has seriously considered naming her first born Laika, this new album is unstoppable. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify


You’ve probably heard Washed Out before and never knew it.  If you’re a Portlandia fan, then you’ve heard the song that launched Washed Out, Feel It All Around , a bunch of times. Earnest Greene, the brains behind Washed Out, has released another superb “chillwave” album, Paracosm. I would prescribe Paracosm for an overcast day when your only to do consists of getting lost in your own thoughts — Enjoy.









The Wedding Dress(es)

      Someone recently asked me what it means to wear a vintage gown instead of a brand new garment. I chose to wear a vintage dress because I’ve always loved vintage clothes. Also because of the cost. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I exclusively tried on vintage dresses, because I didn’t. I took my entourage to a few places and I seriously fell in love with a dress. A beautiful tulle confection that had the slightest hint of peach. But, and this was a big but, it was over $2,000, BEFORE alterations.