Hello World, we are Ballin’ on a Budget!

Well, specifically, I am one half of Ballin’ on a Budget, the name’s Blythe. Not Life, Rice, Blith, Blife, it’s Blythe, plain and simple. My bestie, Katie Grace Carlson or Carl as I refer to her as, or Uncle Carl on special occasions, have decided to create this blog to bring our plethora of all things fashion knowledge to you. Sure there are plenty of “budget” blogs out there, but to them being on a budget is only spending $500 dollars on an outfit, not $50. Carl and I are known to find cool stuff on the cheap. I’m talking like actually cheap. Like $20 cheap. So how can you look stylish, fashionable and feel great without spending $500 dollars? Well, dears, that is what we’re here for! We will be providing posts about a bajillion things including, but not limited to: latest fashions for cheap, where to shop, HOW to shop, pics of outfits, cool things going on around our city and MUCH MORE! Carl should be around to introduce herself too.


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