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Five Thrift Store Tricks

I’m going to come right out and say that thrift store shopping isn’t for everyone. When I say “thrift store,” I’m referring to Goodwill, Value World, Consignment Shops, basically anywhere that someone has dropped off old clothes. Well if you’ve been following fashion these days (and I’m sure you all have seeing that this is a fashion blog) the majority of what was “old” is now “in.” So instead of paying $100+ for the newest, bestest, cutest maxi dress, or long skirt head to your local thrift store, where I guarantee that you won’t pay more than $8. OKAY, so now that we’ve ironed out all those details, you are probably asking yourself, “well Blythe, thrifting sounds interesting but I have no idea where to start?” Well, my dear, here are my five thrift store tricks.


1. Wear the right clothing- When thrifting you will find things that you like, love even, but many places do not have dressing rooms (or dressing rooms you even want to enter, let alone undress in.) This is where the “thrifting” wardrobe comes into play. When headed out to thrift always make sure to wear a skirt. Longish if you have one, like a little above the knee. This will make slipping shorts/skirts/pants on under your skirt easier so you can gauge the fit of the garment. On top, wear a close fitting tank top so you can slip button ups or t shirts over your head and be able to check out the fit. If you’re hunting for shoes, I would suggest wearing something that you can easily slip on and off and possibly bring along a pair of socks to get a proper fit. Lastly, PULL YOUR HAIR BACK. It’s gonna be dirty. Probably sweaty. The caliber of people there are not the type that need impressing. Trust me.

2. Don’t be afraid to get dirty- Goodwill and Value World’s are gross. I’m not going to sugar coat it. You ARE going to walk out smelling a little dusty or moth bally. You will want to wash your hands before putting them anywhere near your face. These places have a lot of gross stuff but also a lot of great stuff! And you know what? You’re going to have to sift through it. So be prepared.

3. Know what you are looking for- This is not like any old shopping trip where you can wonder from store to store browsing the nice, neat and clean racks. When thrifting you NEED to know what you are looking for, otherwise you are going to be completely overwhelmed.

4. Know the difference between what can be salvaged- So you’ve finally gotten over the smell and entered the store. You know that you just MUST find a pair of high-waisted jean shorts, so you make a beeline for the shorts section. Your eyes scan the racks and ALAS the perfect pair! You lift them up and cue the Hallelujah chorus only to discover a grotesque stain on the front. OH NO! Rips/cuts/tears/broken zippers all of these things can be fixed or add character to the piece. If a stain is on a 10+ year old garment, than its there for good. Sorry boutcha.

5.  Set a limit- Before you enter the store decide right then and there how much you want to spend, $5, $10, $15 or more. If you know how much you are willing to spend for an item then don’t go over it! This will make it easier to decide between the 1970’s polyester butterfly blouse and the 1980’s D.A.R.E t-shirt.

So that’s it. This is the way I’ve scored countless items, not surprisingly most are my favorite things to wear. My last little tidbit of information would be this, currently the BEST things to find at thrift stores are the following: high-waisted anything, long skirts, polyester button ups in crazy colors, great t-shirts, belts, scarves and blazers/jackets. That boyfriend blazer that Nordstrom was selling for $75? I found mine at Value World for $3.75.



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