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Review: Rockwell and Oakley

Overall, Etsy shops tend to be on the pricey side of life and with good reason…have you seen those hand sticked lace frocks!? But since my bank account doesn’t allow for such indulgences I get stoked whenever I discover an Etsy shop that’s easy on the green. Enter Rockwell and Oakley. (Okay, I’m a little biased because I personally know the fabulous lady behind these art pieces, that’s what they are by the way: ART)… but SERIOUSLY guys, she’s brilliant. Feather jewerly? check. Mis-matched chains? she’s got it. Vintage flair? done and done. The best part? nothing is over $30. Count em: 1…2…30.

I personally ordered a single earring featuring chains, feathers, and a turquoise stone. Let me tell you, the compliments have been overwhelming (O-M-Geeee, where in the hell did you get that? Urban? Me: *smirking* NOPE). The great part about Rockwell and Oakley jewelry is that it’s inspired by trends but ultimately can stand alone as a well-crafted, hand made piece with an extensive design philosophy to back it all up (gurrl why dontchu back dat a$$ up?).

Rocking my very own Rockwell and Oakley…ya dig?

Beyond the product itself, R & O is always packaged by hand…you won’t want to throw it away! Trust me, something this clever and adorable doesn’t deserve to sit in a waste bucket.


What are you doing still reading this post?


(I dare you not to buy anything)

(credit card at the ready…don’t say I didn’t warn you)

love and poodles,



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