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The Accent Nail

As long as I’ve been around I’ve always loved painting my nails, well usually having someone else do it for me because I am awful at staying in the lines. But I digress, ever since I was a kid, when it came time to paint my nails, I would have to choose a color. one color. One single little color. This PAINED me when I was a kid because there were so many choices, how do you choose?! But, alas, 8-year-old Blythe conformed to the norm and chose a single nail polish color. Well not anymore!

I first started adding an “Accent” nail in college, usually a thumb or pointer finger. And then I added two, one per hand, which is how I usually do it now. At first, I was asked a lot of questions:

“Why, that is, like totally, like OMG, like you know so weird, you have, like two different nail colors, weird,  like am I right?”

No, you’re not right. I enjoy having an accent nail. I like how they look, I like the stares that come from it and above all else I JUST LIKE IT OKAY? It also lets me choose TWO colors instead of one, which is totally rad. With nail polish being so frickin’ cheap these days there really is no excuse not to have lovely multi-colored hands.

My FAVORITE NAIL POLISH OF ALL TIME is, drum roll please, this super cool gold sparkle polish from the OPI line for Sephora. It’s price tag? $9.50. Which I know is a bit steep for nail polish, but it will last you AT LEAST a year, and I would be the one to know. !WARNING! wearing these sparkles will cause you to stare at your nails. They will reflect sunlight. They will be mucho funo. You’ve been warned. FEEL FREE to comment and let us know what some of your favorite color combos are. Please disregard my awkward hands. and my dumb faces.

-Bunny lover Blythe


4 thoughts on “The Accent Nail

  1. I love accent nails too, but I get dumb comments all the time about them not matching. Who made this rule that nails have to match? I love that you put yours on different nails. I usually go with my ring finger and thumb on each hand.

  2. Lolita says:

    I also love a sparkling gold nail but I like to make it an accent nail with a bright, firetruck red! They’re a great combo around the Christmas/New Year’s eve season.

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