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Lust List: 80s Purple Shades

Satan called he wants his weather back.

We’re all experiencing this horrendous heat wave…but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon our stylish ways by wearing gym clothes all weekend with absolutely no intention of working out!

I’m really digging these shades from 80’s Purple.com for this weather. They’re large diameter will not only protect my eyes from Mr. Sun’s blaze but also my skin (this doesn’t mean you should skip the SPF). Pair these with a breezy maxi skirt, crop top, and woven sandals to channel you’re inner bohemian mamma.

Did I mention these bad boyz are only $12.00? Check out the rest of 80’s Purple.com for dope-ass shades that never hit above the twenty dollar mark (minus their vintage collection).

Have a good weekend everyone!

Do like the Fonz and STAY COOL.



3 thoughts on “Lust List: 80s Purple Shades

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