Looks to Try, Where to Shop

Lust List: The Betty Bag

Forever 21 is my go-to for cheap everything: shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry. And while everything is cheap-cheap, you can’t expect it to last you a lifetime, because !SPOILERS! it won’t. Forever 21 is great for trying out a trend and not spending mega $$$ and this is where today’s LUST LIST item comes from, meet the Betty Bag.

Now what I love about this bag, besides the $22.80 price tag is the color. It’s mustard. What this lovely condiment shade means is that its neither too bright nor too night (this rhyme is bad, I know.) What my awful rhyme is trying to convey is that the color of this bag will take you from summer to fall. Since its not too bright and crazy it will play nice with other bright summer clothing, but it could also be an one awesome color piece when we all transition to shades of black for the fall. This purse can POP!

What I also love about it is the strap and the brass. Like many other Forever 21 purses, the hardware on this number is brass, so it will not look cheap, unlike the bright gold ones. The strap is also made out of the same material, no metal here, and is long enough to wear cross body or you could tie a little knot in it and wear it right off the shoulda.

That’s all folks! Try and stay cool like LL COOL J and we’ll see you tomorrow!


OH P.S. rip Amy Winehouse, we’ll miss your beehives


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