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Look Hot, Stay Cool

If you’re living in the Hades that is Indiana right now, you know that we’ve been having record high temperatures. Personally, its waaaaaaaaaay too hot out for me but just because it feels like Dante’s Inferno out does not give anyone an excuse to dress poorly. I do love and admire my doppelganger, the always lovely Mizz Katy Perry but sporting “daisy dukes, bikini’s on top” is not going to land you on anyone’s best dressed list. So, how, !HOW!, can you still dress well and stay cool?! Well, dears, that’s what I’m going to tell you!

Light colors- This seems like a no brainer. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about here, let me school you. Dark colors attract light, for all of my fellow dark haired mavens you know what I’m talking about. Your head, your hair can get SO HOT in the summer! This also applies to clothing. If you wear lighter colored clothing you’ll attract less sunlight, hence being cooler. So break out those bright colors and save your black for the winter!

Sunglasses- This is a no-brainer. Sunglasses protect your eyes and keep the sun out of them. Check out Carl’s earlier post on where to find great shades for grrrrreat prices!

Hats- Big, lovely floppy hats are in this season and when you can score one for less than $20 why not give it a try! If your especially daring, the bigger the better. For first time hat wearers, go for a straw fedora or something with a smaller brim. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually graduate to big brim leagues.

Show some skin- Who wears pants in the summer? Or in my case, wears pants at all?! Now I don’t run around pants-less, I just frequent the skirt/dress department. Summer is all about showing some skin and being carefree! Let those gams out!

Spanx- Carl and I swear by spanx. Everyone gets sweaty. You know what I’m talking about. Sweaty in certain areas. Spanx helps IMMENSLEY with that. Not only do they help keep everything dry, but it also greatly helps with the “rub” that us curvier girls get in the summer. You don’t have to purchase the actual Spanx brand, Target offers many low cost spanx-y options. Get some! You will NOT be disappointed! BONUS: They will make your legs and but look lovelier. I promise.

Loose breezy fabric- I still don’t understand why summer time is code for tight clothing. When you don loose, breezy fabrics you give your skin plenty of breathing room. But srsly. It’s science. When clothes are tight to your body, they can cause you to sweat more, especially if you’re wearing a fabric like polyester. When clothes are looser they give your skin room to breathe, which is SO GREAT!

So to sum it all up, your perfect summer outfit could be a loose, brightly colored dress like our friend above (photo cred: http://www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com/), maybe belt it?, some secret spanx, a big hat, great shades and don’t forget your SMILE! Okay, that might’ve been a little cheesy, but its SUMMER TIME and even though its hot, at least it’s sunny and not mushy and snowy out.

Peace, love and bunnies,



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