Looks to Try, What To Do

ifyouseekstyle, I know I do

Okay, now this is going to sound a little creepy, BUT Carl and I adore this fashion blog called ifyouseekstyle. The blogger, Caylee (over der —>), used to live in Indianapolis until she (very recently) moved to Chicago. Now why this may or may not be creepy (YOU DECIDE) is because Caylee worked at the H&M downtown. And sometimes Carl and I would see her there. And we might’ve gotten a little star struck. Or, at least in my case, tried to wear my coolest/bestest/fashionest outfits whenever I shopped at that particular H&M. ANYWAY, not creepy at all I know, her blog is awesome! Caylee posts pics of the outfits she creates and legitimately wears, as well as inspiration ideas and other general baller shockaller things. She loves to rock all the neutrals, for you color phobes out there, and she always posts where everything comes from, which is mostly the mall. You could say she’s mostly Ballin’ on a Budget. Anywho to keep up with Caylee’s busy life you can follow her on twitter @cayleem and also make sure to check out her blog: http://www.ifyouseekstyle.com/

I really am not that creepy,



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