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Foxy Hotfox

Now, we won’t be doing these very often, but Carl and I have a crush. A band crush to be exact. They’re this soon-to-be well known band called Hotfox and hot and foxy they sure are. I saw them open for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr a few weeks ago and my face was almost melted off. I, usually, don’t expect openers to be that good, especially for not super well known bands. This quintet took the stage to a packed room of 21+ adults, all chittering and chattering, not paying them much attention. When Hotfox began their first jam, it could be heard above the regular noise, but by the first chorus the entire room was silent, listening to what these youngins had to say. Youngins? Oh yeah, they’re only 19. As their set progressed, the entire audience was held completely captive; we listened to every note, lyric and rift. The show was $10 and I would’ve paid much more just to hear Hotfox play more than just a couple songs. This music video, recorded from the night I saw them, barely does their live performances justice.

“Mountain Tiger” is the single off of their newest record: You, Me and the Monster. Tonight they’ll be playing at the Earth House [details HERE] and don’t even get me started on this amazing all ages venue. (It’s an old church that’s been converted into a community center.) It’s only $7 and not only do you get to see Hotfox, but Slothpop, and The Bonesetters too.

People don’t give enough credit to Indianapolis. I know that most of us love this city, but a lot of folks jet off to Chicago when they want the “big city” experience. Bands like Hotfox prove that Indy has plenty of talent to go head to head with the coasts. We’ve got more than talent, we’ve got heart (not to mention we’re so much nicer than all those city folks).

Come out tonight and see them before their label, Roaring Colonel Records, takes them on tour and next time it’ll be waaaaaay more than $7 bucks to see em.

Come. I’ll be there.




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