Looks to Try, Where to Shop

Lust List: Aldo Faux-Specs

Now I know that fake glasses have developed a bad rep these days (thanks American Apparel) but I’ll admit, if I didn’t suffer from eye-sight troubles that required a prescription, I’d totally rock a pair of these bad boys for added flare.

Enter the frames that seem to be flattering on EVERYONE. There like, one size fits all…or the Sisterhood of the Traveling Glasses (sexy Greek boy sold separately) costing a whopping $12.00 at Aldo! Look at that ombre effect, you just cannot go wrong.

And of course with every good purchase comes an even better story…so here’s mine:

I actually discovered this product through a friend who swears that these frames poses magical powers and not the Harry Potter kind but rather, Love Potion No. 9. Instead of defeating Voldemort she throws em on and the world instantly finds her more attractive: hit on by men and women, spittin’ compliments, once overs from strangers etc. See her blog for the full tale and updates on their adventures together at I Made You A Mix Tape. Cheap, stylish, magical, love glasses? SOLD.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend by gearing up for the annual Shark Week (om nom nom nom). Here at Ballin’ we see your shark week and raise you: EYELASH WEEK. My partner in crime, Beezy, is the Eyelash Whisper-er…girl can work a mascara wand. We’ll be hitting you with the best and most affordable tips-n-tricks to get the lashes you’ve always dreamed of!

i want! i want!

peace. love. and how much nicer would sharks look if they had eyelashes?



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