Looks to Try

EYELASH WEEK Day #1. Part Un: Day Look.

The Product….

ALMAY one coat Mascara

Get Up & Grow: $7.99

Trust me…I’ve been there. Paying ridiculous amounts of money on (Dior) mascara to achieve the perfect, long, healthy lashes. They (whoever “they” is) say the best things come when you’re not looking for them…and that’s exactly what happened here.

My mom always used ALMAY products growing up, so I never for one second thought they could be for me. Wrong.com.

I purchased a tube of Get Up & Grow up on a complete whim back in April when Blythe and I hit up our local Wal-mart to pick up some groceries. I’ve always struggled with the length of my lashes so this seemed like a solid, worth-a-shot, under $10 solution.

Well s**t. This stuff rocks. It has made my lashes the healthiest they’ve been in years (I’m talking middle school days) all while giving me the natural length I’ve so desperately sought after. There is a mineral formula in the product that helps your lashes grow into healthy bat-stars AND they make a waterproof version…HELLO SUMMER!

Up next…tutorial video on how to achieve the perfect “day” look using this ALMAY mascara.

stay tuned.



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