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I know everyone is busy tearing out their favorite outfits from the Limited Too catalogue and begging your Mom to buy those studded flares for the fall: “I’ll grow into them!” And then there is planning the perfect first day of school outfit to impress your classmates with…not to mention Michael, the most popular boy in school. Whew! Tough Life.

But in all serious…I LOVE Back2Skewl Shopping. I still make lists and cross things off as I purchase them (American grown child). Only as a young adult, my list is a little more pricey than it used to be. It takes more than one marathon trip to mall to knock the entire thing out.

Enter student discounts.

If you’re a student or were a student a few years ago, have kept hold of you ID, and didn’t age too much…you’re in luck! Did you know our favorite stores give discounts at the register just by flashing that cheesy freshman smile of yours?

It’s true. Check it out.

Ann Taylor LOFT: 15%

Ann Taylor: 20%

Charlotte Russe: 10%

J. Crew: 15%

Banana Republic: 15%

Ralph Lauren Rugby: 15%

Urban Outfitters: 10% (Select dates)

Club Monaco: 20%

Pier 1: 15%

Madwell: 15 %

TopShop: 10% (Coming soon to Chicago!)

Also visit StudentRates.com for the latest online Student Discount Deals featuring Vera Bradley, Ulta, and Chinese Laundry!

What does your Back2Skewl list look like? Tell us by commenting bellow or tweet us at @BallinBudget!

Oh…and it just wouldn’t be Back2Skewl without a sick playlist to role up in the parking lot driving your ’98 Buick with the windows down, showing off that tan, sportin dem shades…we all did it.

Download here

Back2Skewl Playlist:

1. Sunlight- Bag Raiders

2. Piper’s Song- Gypsy & the Cat

3. Spirit the Ghost- Undercolours

4. Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)- Cold Way Kids

5. Hang With Me- Roby

5. Youngblood (David Sitek Remix)- Naked and the Famous

6. Lisa Baby- Walk the Moon

7. Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)- Yelle

8. My Body- Young the Giant

9. Little Talks- Of Mice and Men

10. Up So Fast- Young Man



2 thoughts on “Back2Skewl

  1. collegeandotherpeskythings says:

    I had no idea that all of these stores offered so many fantastic discounts! I love Loft and Charlotte Russe (for their accessories).

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