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New York, I love You

Sally Albright: Well, I guess we’re not going to be friends then. Harry Burns: I guess not. Sally Albright: That’s too bad. You were the only person I knew in New York.

So i know that this is probably going to bore you all, because blah blah blah New York is cool and Indiana is not blah blah blah, but that’s not the case. This past trip was my third time heading to the city that never sleeps and on this particular journey (my first actually staying in Manhattan) i took some mental notes about New Yorkers. Well partial outloud/partial mental notes. I seriously paid attention to them, embraced them and realized a few (5 to be exact) important things, that I never really knew about New Yorkers. I know this blog is about being a “Baller on a Budget” but part of being a “baller” is also being who you are. Wearing the latest trends won’t make you cooler or better than anyone else. Clothes are an outward expression of who you are and we here at Ballin’ on a Budget simply believe that expressing yourself through clothing shouldn’t cost big bucks. SO! I’ll get off of my “Your beautiful just the way you are” soapbox and give you my “5 Reasons Why New Yorkers Got their “Ish” Together”.

#1 New Yorkers aren’t Rude: Everyone that goes to NYC is all “oh my gosh, New Yorkers are so rude” “I can’t believe how mean they are” “blah blah blah i love time square blah blah blah lady liberty” What I found in New York is that the folks are actually quite nice. A little politeness goes a long way. You would not believe how different a clerk would act toward me after a simple “please” or “thank you.” What folks fail to remember is that people live in New York are actually doing just that. Living. Working. How would you feel if every 5 minutes someone asked you where Central Park was when they were currently….. standing….. in….. Central…… Park. Carl and I met this one couple, who, after we decided to go to another restaurant, gave us in depth directions on where to go, what to eat and what other things we could do. We learned a little about them and they learned about us. It seemed that everywhere we went, people were friendly. AND willing to be helpful, when you were nice. It’s like what your mother always said, “kill them with kindness.”

Where Carl works.

#2 New Yorkers Care About What They Look Like: In Indiana, when entering a mall(well most malls, not Keystone) you will see a bevy of looks. People in work clothes, work out clothes, sweats, regular clothes, all types. But the point I’m making is that people will walk out of their houses in just about anything. New Yorkers take pride in their appearance. I never once saw a single person in sweat pants. They dress to impress. And they should! You never know who you’ll bump into on the street. They also take MUCHO pride in their foot wear. Some ladies dare to wear sky high heels but most people are in a well structured sandal or flat. If you walk everywhere you gotta take care of your tootsies.

#3 New Yorkers are Confident: Now I’m not saying that people that live outside of NYC are not confident, I’m just saying that it oozes outta the New York peoples. Here, when people are out in public places, they’ll sit two or three seats in between one another. In NYC, especially on the subway, people get COZY. Maybe its the few million people, but folks will chat you up. Your sitting RIGHTNEXTTOSOMEONE might as well say hello. New Yorkers are very confident people and do things by themselves. Eat, read, walk, go to the bathroom (they don’t need 10340329402+ escorts). Maybe they don’t have enough room to be fearful of the person next to them, or maybe they just are more I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

#4 New Yorkers are Healthier- Well, duh. They walk everywhere and do a mini stair master every time they have to walk up or down the subway steps. BUT, they are healthier in other ways. Yeah, walking 15+ blocks a day is good for you but there was something else I noticed. New Yorkers have their cake and eat it too. Carl and I are sweet girls. As in we LOVE sweets. Super sweet tooths. Teeths? idk. So we spent some $$$ eating some delicious confections. I noticed that New Yorkers were also flocking to the delicious gelato place or waiting to purchase some amazing birthday cake truffles, HOWEVER, they were all sharing them. On at least 4 occasions I saw NYC’ers sharing a single dessert with someone else. Not that I was going to share any of my truffles with Carl, but it simply showed the moderation in which the enjoy things. A little moderation goes a long way.


#5 New York is a Melting Pot: And I don’t mean the different cultures metaphor for the United States, we are family blah blah. I mean like a real melting pot. People dress how the want, (mostly) act how they want and no one cares. All of these folks are different yet, they all melt together. Last summer when I was in NYC, some foreigners where harassing my friend for how he looked. He yelled back, “If you came to the United States to judge people, you came to the wrong *bleep* city!!!” It’s true though. Yeah, Jay-Z was right, New York is a concrete jungle were dreams are made of and there really is nothing you can’t do. Anything is open at any time. But it goes beyond that. People except each other. They don’t care. They are just GETTIN MONEY and STAYIN TRUE. YA FEEL MEH?!

Well that’s all. I really do enjoy New York, the buildings, the glitter on the wet streets, the history. Anyone that tells that New York isn’t that great is lying.

Peace, love and puppies,


“Hello, I live here.” -CB


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