Looks to Try

Lash-tastic Fringe

So as you may recall, last week was “Eyelash Week” but it was postponed because I jet setted off to NYC for the weekend. Well today ITS BACK! GET EXCITED!Well, not that excited.

When I say that I’ve tried damn near every mascara on the market, I’m not lying. My mom (shoutout to Co!) worked at Sephora for a few years and brought home numerous goodies that I road tested. I can tell you what is crap shit and what is worth spending $$$$ on. BUT! This is Ballin on a Budget and not all of you can have Co as a mom who hooks it up with baller shock-aller mascaras. But ALAS, I have found one that I love. I LOVE! and guess what? ITS FROM COVERGIRL!!! It ranges from 5 big ones to 7 depending on where you shop and it is GREAT! Now, I’m very picky about my mascara and let me tell you why its so great.

1. It doesn’t flake- I work 10 hour days and this guy stays put! Like really stays put.

2. It separates- No clumpy lashes here. It lifts and separates each individual lash with so much loveliness.

3. It coats well- As I said, I LOVE mascara, and have been known to use multiple coats of it to achieve the look I’m after. With COVERGIRL Lash Perfection, I use 2 or 3 coats max for going out and usually 1 or 2 for work. IT WORKS SO GOOD!

As you can tell by now, I really like lists. and mascara. tomorrow I’m going to show all you lovelies how to get that AMAZING going out lash look, with OR without using false eyelashes!

But for realz, TRY the lash perfection. You won’t be disappointed!


Gossip Girl

oh…..wait……this is Blythe. WHOOPS


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