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Indiana State Fair: Ballin’ on a Budget Style

Actual Bunny from the Indiana State Fair

Soooooo every August in Indiana we have this big event called the Indiana State Fair. Some of you may have heard about the tragedy that happened on Saturday, some may not. (Just Google Indiana State Fair for all the information.) REGARDLESS, the fair is awesome and everyone should go, although it is fairly pricey. If you want to admission + treats + rides and such your looking at spending at least $20, at the very least. And that’s for only one person. Cue Ballin’ on a Budget. HELLO WORLD, its 2 dollar Tuesday!! At the Indiana State Fair today, it is only $2 dollar admission AND $2 dollar FOOD!!! Now this doesn’t mean that you can get the tenderloin the size of your head for $2, but you will be able to get a $2 portion, which, actually, is probably the actual portion you should be eating. All you need is this little coupon (click and download) and about $10 – $20 dollars, depending on how many deep fried treats you want. Every food vendor will have $2 eats, so you can sample and/or share everything. After this weekends tragedy the fair needs all the support it can get, so GO! I’ll be there, eating my $2 elephant ear and $2 corn dog!


See ya’ll tonight,



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