What To Do

Devourin’ Naptown

Hello dears, its me again, with a little nougat of information. Similar to yesterday, this one includes food. Lots and lots of food.

Well, it has devour in the name, it is, duh duh duh duh……DEVOUR DOWNTOWN! This amazing little dealio is put on by of the movers and shakers of Indianapolis. So let me break it down for you. Devour Downtown happens over a specific number of days, this summer it started on August 8th and ends THIS SUNDAY!! Now what this means is that you or you AND a friend, can dine at some of Indy’s finest restaurants for $30 doll-hairs or less. Now, 30 bucks is alot to me, which is why I LOVE the 2 for 30 dealios, where, DUH, 2 people eat for 30 bucks. Now there are some stipulations, there is a pre-set menu that you have to choose from but most of the restaurants offer a variety of dishes to choose from. This summer there are 14 different restaurants where you can eat 2 for 30 dollars and alot more 30 per person places to eat, but lets be real, we’re only going to dine at the cheaper places. You can check out all the restaurants involved AND see the menu’s from which you could dine here. It really is a great time and you can try out some GREAT restaurants for not much dinero. This past winter, for the cooler installment of Devour Downtown, I dined at Barcelona Tapas, and let me tell you, it was an experience! It was really great to try something completely new, without making a large financial investment.

In conclusion, Ballin’ on a Budget does seek to show you that great things come in small packages, great things can also be FOOD! So while we do love fashion, we also love Indianapolis and dining out and supporting Devour Downtown is just another way to shower our great city with the love it deserves, now, EAT AND BE MERRY!


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