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The Sartorialist

A Satorialist, by definition, is someone who possess “an interest in matters of or relating to the tailoring of clothing,” per Wikipedia.  Now this definition is channeled into the most amazing fashion blog you will ever lay eyes on. It doesn’t discuss trends. Doesn’t discuss designers. It doesn’t look at what’s in versus what’s out, it looks at people. real people. like you and me people.

Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman quit his job in 2005 to take care of his daughter and began carrying a camera with him as he traversed the streets of New York City. When he saw someone he thought was dressed in an interesting way he photographed them and posted them to his blog www.thesatorialist.com.

Since then, the blog has grown immensely in popularity and Scott now travels the globe being a photographer and all around bad ass.

ANYWAY, The Satorialist is a great way to get some inspiration. The people he photographs are real folks, walking the street. He takes photos of old, young, black, women, white, brown, men, anyone and everyone. What I enjoy the most is when he travels and takes photos of people in places all over the world. It’s incredibly intriguing to see how men and women of different ages and ethnicities dress across many countries.

That blog post I did a while back, “Look Hot, Stay Cool,” with the woman in the AMAZING blood orange dress? I got it off of The Satorialist!

All in all, The Satorialist will undoubtably be your newest online obsession, and it started in 2005, so you know what that means? Plenty o’ archives to crawl through too!



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