Looks to Try, Where to Shop

Fall Fashion: What to buy NOW!

Only $22.00

Hello dearest friends, as you may or may not know it is warm out. Like in the 80’s. However, the fashion Gods want us to prepare for fall, even though we all know it won’t be anywhere near there until maybe October? Maybe November? SO! What this means for you all is that the majority of Summer’s fashion pieces are currently on sale. I am going to give you a little tip. A good deal of “Summer Clothes” can be worn year round. WHAT?! I know, it’s crazy but it’s true. Here are the Summer items that are on sale RIGHT MEOW that you could be wearing year round:

1. Skirts- These little drapey numbers are always all the rage in the summer times but many folks put them away come winter. Pick up summer skirts in solid colors or in prints that have at least one dark color. So, a pink, light blue and yellow skirt will not look right on someone trudging through the snow, BUT a blue, pink and black patterned skirt with black tights will look just fine. Also, stay away from summer fabrics like linen, these will only make you chillier in the winter time. Cotton is always a great fabric and it works well any time of the year.

2. Shorts- I know, I’m saying crazy things, but shorts with tights aren’t crazy any more, its fashionable. Again, stay away from super bright “HI IM SUMMER SHORTS” shorts, instead pick up darker shades plum, olive, brown, black. Wear them now with tanks and then transition them to fall/winter with tights, boots, cardigan and a scarf. The pair up top?  $22.00, ON SALE!

3. Tank Tops- These are a no brainer. Buy then now to wear with the above skirts/skorts/shorts and wear them later under blazers.  This is one of those pieces where “anything goes.” It doesn’t matter the color of these guys because you can tone it down with darker bottoms and a blazer. These guys, in the winter, will be your POP O’COLOR guys. So stock up.

4. Dresses- Many summer dresses can easily transition to fall and winter with a great pair of tights and a cardigan/blazer/jacket/scarf combo. You just have to find the right ones. Your bright white dress will not transition as well as a jeweled green dress or a great blue dress. Basically any solid color, not in pastel, and any print with a base of a dark color (same as skirts) can translate easily into fall. You’ll just have to make sure to “toughen” up your summer dresses with great boots and blazers.

Summer sales are sizzling and you SHOULD be capitalizing on some of the great sale items that will look just as snazzy on you right now as it will this winter.

Now go shopping!

Peace, Love and Reese’s Pieces,



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