Change is a comin’ ohhh yes it is

Hello lovely ladies and gentlemanz, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been a little MIA lately and not the Paper Planes kind. Things are shakin up over at Balin’ on a Budget. For one Carl is back from New York. We’ve been tossing out some ideas and here is what you can come to expect from us in the next few weeks.

1. Posts- We’re gonna try, TRY I SAY, to post everyday at around the same time, say 11amish? I’ve always hated when blogs are inconsistent. A set time will let ya’ll know when to expect some super cool ish from us! Now isn’t that nice?

2. DA STREETS- We’ll be walking the streets (or Carl will be roaming campus) looking for those stylish guys and gals. We’ll snap your pic, ask ya a few questions and then feature you on the blog. Do you know what that means? DRESS YO BEST INDIANAPOLIS

3. Men- We are very much aware of our male followers. So we’re gonna give you menzzz some tips too. We’ll have a guest blogger, some of you may know him as Wagon, but you’ll be meeting him soon enough.

4. What to do?- Indy is a lot of fun. I know this is suppose to be a fashion blog for inexpensive fashionz, but Indy has SO MUCH TO OFFER! So, as you’ve probably already noticed, we’ll be letting ya’ll know what to do around our great city. Music, Fashion, Art, Fun, you can expect all of those lovely things from us and all, of course, will be SUPER affordable. Because, why be all dressed up and have no place to go?

5. Facelift- We know that our words are mighty but our presentation is not. We’re chatting with some lovely folks about getting a wee little facelift. Not like the crazy cat lady kind, but just a little nudge in the right direction.

That’s all folks. Keep your schedules open for this Friday night! There will be some fun and fancy things going on and ALSO we may or may not (definitely yes) running a sweepstakes/giveaway thing a majig.


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