What To Do


HEYO PARTY PEOPLE! I know that ya’ll don’t have plans this Friday, because let’s face it, we’re young, we don’t make plans. BUT! This is one little diddy that ya’ll should plan on attending.

The Food Truck Festival put on by MOKB Presents! or (My Old Kentucky Blog for those of you who don’t get the acronym) will start on FRIDAY, FRIDAY gotta get down on Friday at 5:00pm. This little band that you may have heard of, hotsie totsie Hotfox, will be in the hizz-house. It’s $5 admission and there will be mucho food trucks there. This event will be serving up NOSome treats and electrifying jamz. I’ll be there. Carl will be there. Wagon will be there. Do you really need any more incentive to go? yes? really? WELL, what if I told you that on Friday, if you find me, Blythe Nazareth Bartel, at the food truck festival I will have something cute to give you as a present? WHAT? would that be some incentive? The first person to find me on Friday will get a little cutie patootie present JUST FOR SHOWIN UP AND BEIN YOSELF. I’m serious. I’ll post on Friday what color number I’ll be wearin or you could just study the curves of my face <———- (over der) ANYWAYZ, Friday. Be there. See me. Get free stuff yo.

For all the deetz and to be officially “attending” (because its not official unless it’s facebook official) click here



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