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Original First Friday Art

I know I’ve been using caps alot lately but its only because I’m so excited. As you probably already know, tonight is the Food Truck Festival but it’s also FIRST FRIDAY! First Friday is where all the art gallerys in Indianapolis open up FO FREE to the public. Some of m favorites are:

1. The Harrison Center- Located on 16th and Delaware The Harrison Center has many galleries in on the main level and basement. The main studio is always changing and the gym that is connected always has something wacky taking place. (One time Wagon and I walked into the gym and all the lights were off and Dub Step music was blaring and there were paper mache animals everywere.) They usually have free wine (for the 21+) and most of the studios have free snacks. FREE SNACKS! LIKE HOLY HELL COLBY CHEESE! sorry. but I love cheese.

2. The Murphy Building- The Murphy Building is my favorite. While a lot of people go to The Harrison Center, the clientele is usually older people with young families and such. The Murphy Building is full of young people, LIKE YOU AND ME! They have this baller boiler room studio (don’t fall down the stairs) and a slew of stairways and studios tucked away. Tonight, The Big Car Gallery, situated in the heart of The Murphy Building, is hosting a series of works based on Freaks and Geeks.

Did I mention that all of this is free and that there are more than 20 galleries that participate? COME IT’LL BE SO MUCH FUN!!

Also, if you are interested in getting free things, come to the Food Truck Festival and find me.



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