It’s Labor Day Weekend

And that means that you should be relaxing. I’m in Rushville, IL, population 3,200 visiting my grandmother, or Gigi as we call her. My Gigi lives in this old mansiony home that was built in 1890’s. It’s spectacular, to say the least. Original stained glass, original door knobs, big porch. While I was eating my omelet on the porch this morning, drinking a cup of joe, I thought: “What would our readers like to see from us this weekend?” Well, you can call my old fashioned, but I would wear all of your bright white clothing one last time. And I would listen to my Labor Day Play List!

1. Where’d All the Time Go? – Dr. Dog

2. Superstition – Stevie Wonder

3. 40 Day Dream – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

4. Parallel Line – Junior Boys

5. Time of the Season – The Zombies

6. Don’t You Evah – Spoon

7. TAOS – Menomena

8. Dry The Rain – The Beta Band

9. Naive Melody – The Mysteries of Life

10. September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Have a great Labor Day Weekend lovelies!! If you head on over to our Facebook page, Ballin’ on a Budget, the entire playlist is available for your listening pleasure via Spotify!

ALSO!! Don’t forget about all the Labor Day sales!!


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