What To Do, Where to Shop

Fashion Challenge: Nifty Thrifty

Alright guys, I’m putting myself on a fashion diet.

Spending my summer in NYC was great…but not so great for my bank account. Therefore, I’m challenging myself to NOT shop at full price retail stores AT ALL this semester. That’s right. No more H&M or Urban Outfitters…just clothes that have hand written price tags.

Stores that apply: Goodwill, Value World, Rag-O-Rama, Broad Ripple Vintage and any other consignment shop I can find in the Indianapolis area.

Now, I don’t intend to dress like a bum but rather try and find today’s styles through yesterday’s fashions! I see a lot of DIY projects in my future…

I will upload all my purchases here and probably vent about how I can’t take advantage of Black Friday deals at the mall come November! woof. I warn you now. Well…


May my debit card rest in peace.



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