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Summer Nights: Beaded Frock

This summer I was slumming around our great city and decided, on a whim, to head to value world. Carl spent her summer in the city that never sleeps and, thus, I was down a thrifting partner. Carl and I have this theory that each and every time we go to Value World we, usually, buy multiple items but there is always one All-Star item, one item, that from that day forward people will always comment on how fabulous it is and scoff when you tell them it’s from Value World (and <$10). Anyway, on the particular day I found one of the most amazing things I’ve ever found at Value World (aside from my coat), a wonderful, beautiful, beadyfull top.

At Value World I have a system, I look for tops that catch my eye and specific colors. This lovely number was glinting at me from across the way. I saw it peaking out between other brightly, 60’s psychedelic shirts and it called to me. I ran over and scooped it up, feeling its weight in my hands (it probably weighs about 5 pounds) and added it to my cart. At Value World there are no dressing rooms, there is one mirror in the back of the store. People line up to take their turn trying on things and seeing how they look. Now I’ll admit, I was skeptical that this rouge number would fit me. When it was my turn, I slipped it over my head and felt it fall onto my body. It was one of those magical moments where music was playing as I took my first look in the mirror of this top and all it’s glory and my-oh-my was it glorious.

I, obviously, paid the $8 for it and returned home texting Carl along the way, trying to put into words the beauty of this top. Since that fateful day, I’ve made some amazing memories in this piece, NYC with Carl, NYE and a few places in between. Everywhere I go, people have got something to say about it. It’s one of my most favoritest pieces of all time.

Please ignore my noob face,



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