FUN, Musaq

Our “Best of ’11” Jamzzzuh

I know, I know, I know. We’ve been gone for FAR TOO LONG.

For now though, enjoy Beezy and I’s favorite songs from 2011. It was a difficult selection process, but theses are the songs that filled our headphones, carphones, and iphones all year long. Now my children, go fourth and have a yee old dance party.


Beezy & Carl’s Selections:

1. Fire!- hotfox <—- reppin the 317

2. Morning Thought- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

3. Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

4. Dancing With the DJ- The Knocks

5. Midnight City- M83

6. 12 Fingers- Young the Giant

7. Naked Kids- GROUPLOVE

8. Lonely Boy- The Black Keys

9. Still Sound- Toro y Moi

10. Iscariot- WALK THE MOON

Beezy’s Selections:

11. Older Brother- Pepper Rabbit

12. Stuck on My ID- Reptar

13. Never Stops- Deerhunter

14. Life Magazine- Cold Cave

15. Where I’m Going- Cut Copy

Carl’s Selections: 

16. Street Joy- White Denim

17. Hang With Me- Robyn

18. Jona Vark- Gypsy & the Cat

19. Jesus Came to My Birthday Party- The Middle East

20. I Was Thinking… -Gauntlet Hair

peace. love. and poodlez.



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