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Warby Parker

Sporting the Winston Lunar Fade

So for my first post back, I’m going to clue you all in on a little secret, Warby Parker. Warby Parker is an eyeglass company that makes delicious, beautiful frames for cheap cheap cheap. All of their eyeglasses are only $95. Flat. as in you only pay $95 bucks. They have this great home try-on program where they will send you (FREE 2-day overnight shipping btw) up to 5 pairs of eyeglasses to try on. Show your friends, your dog, the mirror, your neighbors, WHOEVER YOU WANT! You can try on all of these super coolio eyeglasses for up to 5 days then send em back (still for free btw). Then you pick your favorite frames, type your prescription in online and wait the 10 days for your brand new eyeglasses (mine came in 7.) Not only does Warby Parker give you super cool frames, but they also donate a pair for every pair you buy. This means that not only are you now able to see in super stylish frames, but some kiddo in Africa can see too! EVERYBODY WINS! But for serious, Warby Parker is great, and I whole heartily ┬árecommend them to anyone who wants new glasses or maybe an additional pair. ┬áDid I mention that they all have super cool/hip names?


p.s. for all of my perfect sight peeps (you lucky dames you) they also make sunglasses!


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