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Lips Like Candy

Rocking a red lip can be a daunting task. I have many friends (you KNOW who you are) that would look STUNNING with bold lip color but refuse to try it simply because they’re afraid to. We’ve all seen red lips gone wrong: bad shade, smearing, staining teeth, fading, wine lips syndrome etc. etc.


I have your complete steps to achieving the perfect, matte, Hollywood, long lasting, luscious lip without putting a down payment with Chanel but using what you already have!

First things first. Ya gotta find the right shade for your skin tone. I HIGHLY recomend taking this one to the professionals at Sephora or the MAC counter…but if your budget doesn’t allow for it follow these  simple guidelines:

Fair Skin: Blue-based/Cool crimson colors

Olive Skin: Orange/Fire Engine Red

Dark Complexion: Deep Burgundy

Now that you have your correct shade, let’s DO this.

LUSH “Sweet Lips” Scrub, Time Balm Concealer by The Balm, ULTA Automatic Lip Liner in “Flesh”, MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder, MAC Rooby Whoo Lipstick

NOTE: This process can apply to all bold lip colors, not just red.

1. Exfoliate! Scrub em down and remove all that dead skin so you don’t end up looking crusty later. My favorite scrub is LUSH’s Sweet Lips . It comes in 3 different flavors and wait for it…it’s edible! Just dampen your lips, dap a little on your finger, scrub it out and lick it off. WHOOLA! Be sure to apply a light lip balm immediately after to lock in moisture.

2. Take your under eye concealer and cover your lips completely like you would with a lip balm. Dust finishing powder all over to set the concealer. This is the most important step because it’s what locks the color into place and keeps it from smearing everywhere.

3. Line and fill your lips in completely with a nude colored lip liner. Nude lip liners are the best option when doing a bold lip because it won’t take away from the true pigment of the lipstick.

4. Now you’re finally prepared to apply the color. I use Rubby Whoo by MAC.  Relax and separate your lips into a faint pout to apply. I usually put on three or so coats, blotting with a tissue in between each application.

5. It is up to you whether to add gloss or not. I’m more of a matte lip kinda gal…but I encourage ya’ll to get on with your bad selves and go glossy if that’s what you’re feelin.

Well there you have it. A lucious, candy lip. Now you’re what all those rappers and hip-hoppers are writing about. How does that feel gurrrrrl?

“My lips like sugar (my lips like sugar), this candy gotchu sprung…this candy gotchu sprung!)




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