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Meet the newest baller: Lola

Soooo some of you may or may not know about my obsession/love of Bunnies. It all started when I was a little kiddo and my parents got us a garage sale bunny aka a bargain bunny. My father affectionately named him Hasenpfeffer or Supper for short. Anyways my bunny Supper and I had many lovely adventures together. We went on walks, I carried him around in my purse, we fell in love. Well one day Supper got loose and we searched and searched for him. And then we found him and all I will say is that something ate poor little Supper and that he is now buried in my parents backyard. the end.

The day we first met

BUT it was not the end of my bunny love.  I’ve loved bunnies ever since then and, until now, been supplementing my addiction with When I moved into my new apartment I really really really really really wanted a pet. But not a lame pet like a fish, a super cool pet. Thus I did some research and found Twin Barns Rabbitry right here in Indianapolis. Carl and I went to visit this past Saturday and fell in love with a special little lady. I had two bunnies to choose from both super cute and cuddly, but this little bun bun stood out. Not only was she super cute, she enjoyed being held and cuddled Carl and I for the better half of 45 minutes. Also, not to diminish from our true Ballin’ on a Budget nature, she was a bargain because she has a bit of a bad foot. SO Saturday I paid for her (only $30 btw) and went about getting all the things ones needs to bring a little bunny home. The hardest part of this whole ordeal was naming her, which as you all know, her name is Lola. So this past Monday I went and scooped her up and brought her to her new home.

I can almost guarantee that there will be more posts/pictures staring the furriest baller Lola. She was born on October 22nd and she is mini Holland Lop, apparently she is a dwarf. Her color is “broken pearl” and broken orange? I don’t know all this fancy rabbit classification. ANYWAY she’s super cuddly and awesome and cool and she poops alot and we snuggle. That’s all. Here are a few more pics for ya to oogle.

Bunny and boyfriend

Have a HOPPY Thursday,