What To Do

The Man Test

Ryan Gosling: YES

So Carl and I were at Yats last week discussing life and love and relationships and it dawned on me. Women tend to waste their time on men who don’t matter. Now I’m not saying that every girl out there is looking for her Prince Charming and looking to meet Mr. Right, but my research shows that many women tend to waste their time on men who are never going to be what they’re looking for. And statistically speaking, women are looking for a husband/father/life partner/love.  This will probably be the only time I say this, we may be Ballin’ on a Budget, but you should not be a baller when it comes to the men in your life. While Carl and I were discussing this, something dawned on me, how do we tell if a man will be a good husband/father/life partner/love? The Man Test was born. The Man Test is simple. Very simple actually, it relies on one single question, “Could you see this potential man being a good father?”

Carl and I immediately ran through our laundry list of men and for some it was a “yes” some a “hell no” and others we were on the fence about. Now judging a man solely based on if you think he would make a good father might sound strange, but let me break it down for you. Fathers are responsible, fathers are grown ups, fathers are responsible for another human being, fathers know what its like to love someone. This list could go on and on, but basically if you can picture your potential man being a good dad, there’s a good chance that he is:

1. a grown up

2. responsible

3. has his shit together

And let’s be real, raise your hand if your tired of dating guys and are ready to date a man? Now go on with your bad self and quite waisting your time.


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