Looks to Try, Where to Shop

Booties Booties Booties Rockin Everywhere

“I found you miss new booties. Purchase them online and ship em right to me.”

So I ain’t no Bubba Sparxxx but I AM completely obsessed with boots. Tall boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, Beatle boots, suede boots, combat boots and finally: booties.

Booties are the bomb.com. You know why? You can wear them in the fall with skinny jeans and your favorite t-shirt, in the winter with thick socks and tights, and in the spring/summer bare legged with high-waisted shorts.

I’ve noticed that this spring is all about the extreme ankle boot so I went on the hunt to find the hippest, cheapest, and biggest bang for my buck boot. And guess where I found it? I’ll give you a hint: you most likely have a location within a fifteen minute radius of your house. No, not a Fashion Bug (get your mind out of the gutter!). TARGET.

I was originally inspired by these lovely little guys at Urban Outfitters and ASOS but note the “just a tad out of my budget” price tag:

BDG Chelsea Ankle Boot: $59.00

ASOS ALFIE Chelsea Ankle Boot: $89.95

And here they are…the holy grail of all ankle booties (did I mention it has a BUCKLE!?):

Target Kessi Buckle Ankle Boot: $29.99

Ballers, the price tag says it all.

Now I just need to find a way to make thirty bucks.

Miss Bootie OUT.



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