Looks to Try, Where to Shop

Springing into Spring

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Indiana playing with my emotions. I’m ready for Spring, like beyond ready for Spring. I’m ready to shed my  tights and boots and set my tootsies freeeeeeeee!!! Now, plenty of fashion magazines will tell you all about the “2012 Spring Trend Report” but I’m going to let you in on a little secret, fashion doesn’t really change all that much. Trends for Spring are almost always: pastels, florals, color blah blah blah and then Autumn comes around and everyone’s like “wow patterned tights” “lace” and “jewel tones.” Here are the 5 steadfast spring trends and where you can purchase them for cheap cheap!

Stripes: Stripes are way hot this season and there’s no better way to get them then on the cheap. Just as a side note, for all you curvier girls out there, do not fear the horizontal stripe! Big, large horizontal stripes on anyone makes them look larger, the smaller the stripe, the skinnier you’ll look, I promise. So keep your big stripes vertical and your small stripes horizontal! Also, as shown above, stripes are no longer black and white, pick them up in colors! This top? Forever 21, again, for only $13.50!

Florals: This is going to come as no surprise to anyone because florals are always hot for spring time, but these sexy pants are especially hot AND at only $14.95 from H&M they’re almost too hot to touch, but we will anyways. Besides being a crazy cool pattern, these pants would be sheer perfection in the workplace, just pair them with other solid colored pieces. For the daredevil in all of us, take these pants out for a night on the town with a striped top. DO NOT FEAR PATTERN MIXING! Now all we have to do is hunt them down, damn you H&M online shopping!

Pastels: In case you haven’t spotted the trend, almost all of these items are from Forever 21 and while I absolutely hate walking into the store and finding things, their online shopping is great. This darling little number clocks in at a mere $16.90 AND comes in a different color. Also, to clarify, pastels do not have to mean baby pink, baby blue, baby colored anything. Pastel, when used as an adjective means “pale in color” so don’t limit yourself.

Maxi Skirts: The maxi trend is here to stay and why shouldn’t it be! In a maxi skirt/dress I don’t worry about my dress flying up and revealing my granny panties and I don’t have to worry about bending over. Also, maxi anything makes wearing shapeware a b-r-e-e-z-e! Anywho, this maxi skirt comes to us from, yet again, Forever 21 and is only $12.50 AND it comes in 4 colors. You can’t really go out to dinner for $12.50, you can barely see a movie for $12.50. It’s just too too good.

Finally, in tandem with the maxi trend….

Longer dresses: See the lovely creation at the tippy top! This dress is magical, it’s amazing and you know what? It’s only $24.80 and from FOREVER 21!! I know, pick your jaw up off the floor. Longer everything is in style this season, so why not pick up a few (or at these prices, many) great pieces! While this lovely creation up top is currently out of stock, all the pieces from the Rory Beca line for Forever 21 are inspiring and will have you lusting for warm summer days.

Also, can I just give you a grand total? All of these pieces together equal $82.65 and that ain’t bad.

In conclusion, Forever 21 rocks and if your a bit curvier they have a a Forever 21+ line too!

Wanna soak up the sun,



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