FUN, Musaq

Midnight City

You have probably heard this jam before. If you watch TV, Victoria’s Secret used it in one of their commercials. Other people have too, but I don’t own a TV so I can’t say. Anyway, regardless on whether or not Gisele Bundchen is in the picture or not, this song is super/crazy/amazing/good. Just wait until the end, when the horns kick in (3:00). Anyway M83 is the name of the band, they’re French and cool and Midnight City comes off their most recent album Hurry Up, We’re DreamingThe album itself is a trip into another world, wear some headphones and dance in the street. I would, obviously, recommend you check it out. So without further ado, here is Midnight City + a super legit cover by one of Carl and I’s other favorite bands, the Knocks.

The Knocks featuring Mandy Lee



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