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Walk the Moon

“My eyes are on the road but my mind is on your body”

WHEW. That little lyric sure does turn me on.

Today is a beautiful day. Today is the start of a revolution. Today,  WALK THE MOON released their debut EP, ANNA SUN,  for the world to hear.

People, WALK THE MOON has officially arrived and they are redefining pop music as we know it. Finally, there is someone devoted to making that crap on the radio good again. I may sound like a jaded old man whose idea of a “kickin it” is doing the jitterbug, but it is high time that quality sounds are injected back into our airwaves. Oh! to live in the days when, “Twist and Shout,” was number one on the charts.

Well I’m kissin my nostalgia goodbye and cranking up WALK THE MOON aka: YOUR new favorite band.

The EP includes two brand new tracks as well as their cult classic, “Anna Sun” (she’s received an upgrade folks, as IF the song could GET any better). “Tightrope” will get your blood pumping with drums that resonate in your soul and “Next In Line’s” stadium-like anthem will keep you driving ALL NIGHT…Celine Dion style, if you you know what I mean 😉

You can catch WALK THE MOON on the road with Young the Giant as well as the Kaiser Chiefs in the upcoming months. Dates here. Be on the look out for their debut, full-length album to be released in May.



It’s $3 people. That’s price tag every Baller can appreciate.


BONUS: To correlate with Anna’s update, they have released a new version of the music video: “Anna Sun” CHECK IT.


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