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Hardshell Travel Jewlery Case

I visisted my soon-to-be-wed brother last week in Lexington, KY. On our way back from a dinner in haurse countree (read with Southern charm), we stumbled upon a Flea Market. Inside were items ranging from framed Disney prints to boxes full of VHS tapes. However, amongst all the junk were some treasures like this adorable jewlery case!

There are a few great features to this find. A) The floral print: Everytime I open it and look in the itty-bitty mirror, I swear to god Molly Ringwald circa Pretty In Pink is starring back at me. For a second, I even hear Duckey talking to my Dad outside on his bike. B) It’s very practial: I’m about to do some serious traveling and this will keep my favorite pieces organized and in good hands with its Ninja Turtle Shell. C) It’s a small-ish size: I Can throw this in my work bag in case I want to do a costume change for post work-activtites and it won’t take up a lot of room. I’m very excted for our future togehter.

Remember, thrifting isn’t just for clothes and accesories! It’s for those odd trinkets that make you wonder how anyone even thought to make such a thing…but you buy it. Because it’s awesome.



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