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The Vest

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of a vest. Is it Marty McFly’s infamous puffer vest? A 1990’s Old Navy ad? Waiters at a fancy restaurant, or even worse, your prom date?

Would you like some grey poupon?

What if I told you that, gasp, vests could be chic AND that they are totally en vogue this summer? I too was skeptical. The only type of vest I can ever think of are these atrocious white puffy vests, I had to wear one once, some of ya’ll might know what I’m talking about. Anywayz a few weeks ago I stumbled across this Forever 21 gem and had to have it! I’ll admit, I was a little weary about how I would wear it. It is a shirt? A jacket? A top? Had I just waisted $28 big ones? (which is like $500 in the actual world, but Forever 21 is like an alter fantasy world where nothing is more than $50). I tried it on and tore my apartment apart trying to figure out the right way to wear it and, alas, I’ve come up with 3 fool proof outfits!

Outfit #1: Pair this vest, or any long/loose-ish vest with a pair of black skinny or tailored tapered leg pants. Add a colorful cami underneath (to cover your bazookas), throw on a pair of great black heels and a necklace and you have a great business casual outfit. The tailored paints + the faux tailored vest + a little flash of cami color keep you covered and a little colorful while still looking professional in the workplace. Also,  I wore this exact outfit to work last week.

Outfit #2: Grab your sexiest pair of skinny jeans, highest of heels and this vest. Add sparkles around your neck or on your ears (or both?) and BABOOM you’re goin out tonight. Bonus points if your sport a cute, sexy black bra. This vest is just long enough to cover your tush a little bit so you won’t be too exposed, but it’s also a little low in front so you can flash a little skin without looking skanky. Also, I wore this exact outfit out last Friday night.

Outfit #3: This outfit is pretty much a no brainer. Take a florally/summery/breezy dress and add this vest and you’ll dress it up. For this particular vest, you’ll want a dress with a little less volume because the vest is pretty volumous, so think sheath or A-line. The vest is a great way to dress up a more casual outfit without throwing on a hot and stuff blazer. ( Sorry blazers, I love you but in the summer you make me sweat. and I hate sweating.)

So is the vest for you? Do you think you can rock it this summer? I’m already thinking of ways to transition it into the fall and winter. Maybe with a turtleneck and over a colorful pencil skirt? Who knows!


For more vest envy check out Refinery 29’s article on vests by clicking HERE!!

Although, reader be warned, almost none of those vests allow you to ball on a budget, so don’t get your hopes up, but do get inspired!


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