Looks to Try

Underutilized Item: Men’s Undershirt

Totally wearing an undershirt here – Can you tell?

In case you don’t live in Indiana or are unfamiliar with our summer’s here, it can be summed up in two words: hot & humid. And what does all this heat and humidity do? It makes us sweat. Well, at least it makes me sweat. A lot. And I HATE sweating because 1. who actually enjoys sweating? 2. My clothes get dirtier/smellier 100x faster and I have to do more laundry. While cotton is my fabric of choice in clothing, unfortunately the majority of clothes I own are not 100% cotton. Most are polyester or rayon or some sort of combo platter and those guys make me sweat even more! Seriously, how did people in the 60/70’s do it? I have no idea. So one day while sitting in my car sweating in my beautifully printed polyester thrift store blouse, something dawned on me. Men wear dress shirts and get them dry cleaned. In order to maximize their dress shirts and spend less $$$ on dry cleaning, they wear undershirts. Also probably for the sweating, because men are usually (emphasis on usually) sweatier than women. So I thought, wait, why can’t I wear an undershirt under my beloved polyester gear?  The answer is: I CAN WEAR UNDERSHIRTS!!

This undershirt will look just as good on you

Now, I’ll tell you that undershirts for women are not made, unless you count cami’s (which I don’t) but I was on the hunt for an actual undershirt, one were the armpits are covered, for obvious reasons that I won’t dive into. For the skinnier/petite girls out there, this method might be lost on you. I purchased a pack of men’s smalls and they fit, but are a little roomy and I have bosoms.  I picked up a pack of 5 white V-necks, which are best in my opinion, and customized a few. I cropped one a little shorter so I could tuck it into skirts/pants easier and I cut the v-neck out of one and made the neckline wider for a more boatneck style top.

Let me tell you, my armpits have never been more thankful! Undershirts are amazing and I think that in time, maybe Ladies undershirt will be offered too. Yes you are wearing another shirt and some of you might not like that, but most of my work blouses are from Forever 21 or Value World and are roomier. They also make me extra sweaty unless I’m wearing glorious cotton right on my skin. SO! If you find yourself in the following predicament I would give undershirts a try.

Own many glorious polyester or rayon or combo platter blouses

You actually sweat, not glisten, but really really sweat

Tired of doing boat loads of laundry

Also, in true Ballin’ on a Budget fashion undershirts usually clock in at <$10 for a pack of 3 or more. Trust me, it’s worth the investment.

Cheers to a less sweaty summer,



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