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Under the Sea: Shell Purse

Carl came to visit me for a second before she sets off to be a hot child in the city  and of course we went our home away from home, Value World. While searching for the perfect midi skirt/patterned shorts/’Merica themed apparel, I stumbled across this little gem.

What is that you ask? A FREAKING SEASHELL PURSE? Wait, a FREAKING GOLD SEASHELL PURSE?!!? The answer would be yes, yes it is. The amazing, cool, incredible coveted seashell purse was hanging about the skirts. I could see my reflection glinting back at my in the pale gold. Actually, I couldn’t really believe my eyes, how was this not snatched immediately?!!? Anyways, Carl was super jealous of my seashell purse find. OBVS. The length of the darling gold chain is the perfect to wear on one shoulder or if it’s a clutch I fancy for my evening excursions, I can tuck the chain inside. Now it’s not huge on the inside, enough for my wallet, iphone, key and my lip balm but its so EXQUISITE, that I don’t even care. That’s what boyfriends are for right? To carry the stuff that doesn’t fit in your purse. Oh, and p.s. this little gem? $1.25 Thank you Value World!

Living under the sea,


Also did you know that the Little Mermaid came out in 1989?!?! I didn’t realize Ariel was that old!

Also also, if you have a great vintage find, hit us up! We’d love to feature it (and you)!


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