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New York, Je t’aime

On Sunday, I packed up my big girl pants and headed off to New York City. I’m taking another shot at a fabulous summer as a music industry intern. Last summer, I learned a great deal about the profession as well as myself. So this time around is all about putting my empire state of mind the the test. Being a true New Yorker comes down to one simple concept: making the conscious decision to become one. Rufus Wainwright once said, “Being a New Yorker is having cracked the code to living life to the fullest.” And damn! was Rufus, right (see what I did there?).

In New York, there is no time to sell yourself short or wear workout clothes with no intention of working out (trust me, I’ve done this and received the stare down like in a middle school lunchroom…it’s like they KNEW I was too lazy to put real clothes on!). Lazy, however, is not in a New Yorker’s vocabulary. Everything here is a task. From retrieving your morning coffee to finally being able to throw your keys on the counter at the end of the day, you never know what’s going to happen when you wake up in the morning. One must always be prepared to wear multiple hats in a matter of a single day. I’m talking fedoras, wide brims, news caps, truckers…

But you see, New York City has high standards for her citizens. Why? Because being anything less than your best will get you lost in what I like to call “The New York Shuffle.” This is similar to the “Cuban Shuffle” but with less instruction and a little more uptempo…okay A LOT more uptempo. I don’t plan on getting lost in the crowd this summer (cue Center Stage soundtrack) so join me in all my adventures right here!

I’ll be a hot child in the city until August, spittin’ truths atchyall and letting you in on New York’s biggest secrets (as I am still learning: think wide Luke Skywalker baby blues). For some picture fun, see below for what I wore to work at my first days on the job. Photo numero uno was taken in American Apparel (I know, I know) while photo numero dos was taken in a Sony Building aka: The Death Star (two Star Wars references in one paragraph…alright!). Oh, and please excuse my sorority girl arm. She isn’t being used that often these days and needed to stretch her arm legs.


Pants: J. Crew Outlet Sweater: Urban Sale Room Shoes: Nordstrom Rack Scarf: Value World

Blazer: Value World Dress: Target Shoes: Kohl’s (Vera Wang)


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