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IMA Summer Nights: Rear Window

Tonight I’m doing something new. I, Blythe Bartel, a native of Indianapolis for nearly 24 years, am finally going to the IMA for their Summer Nights Film Series. The film? Rear Window! Only one of the best Hitchcock films of all time, which is hard to do. Because let’s be real, before Eastwood, before Rob Zombie, before Tarantino, there was Hitchcock. He was the master of scaring people AND did so without using massive amounts of blood, guts, dismemberment, etc. He is a phenomenal director so if you don’t make it out tonight at least check out some of his movies:

Psycho- you really didn’t think the 1998 one was the original did you?

Dial M for Murder- 2 words. Grace. Kelly.

To Catch A Thief- See above + Cary Grant + French Riviera

The list goes on and on, Vertigo, North by Northwest, The Birds.

This film playing tonight is Rear Window. The IMA’s synopsis, which is quite accurate: “A wheelchair-bound photojournalist (James Stewart) and his beautiful fiancée (the one and only Grace Kelly) spy on their neighbors and are compelled to solve a brutal murder no one else believes occurred. Rear Window is an exhilarating, taut thriller that’s a must-see on the big screen.”

The IMA has this film series every summer and I’ve been dying to go since forever but just never got around to it. This summer they have a solid mix of old and newish films to choose from, check out the entire summer schedule. They play the films in the amphitheater in the back of the IMA. It’s beautiful and has lots of green grass. The movie is $10, which I know is the going rate for films these days, BUT you can bring your own food and have a lovely little picnic! The doors open at 7pm and the movie starts around dusk. The only rule worth mentioning is that you cannot bring any alcoholic beverages with you into the movie, but you can purchase them from the Nourish Cafe. SO! If you don’t have anything to do tonight, come watch a movie under the stars!

Buy tickets!

Grace will be there



Also, p.s. some other really awesome and cool things that are going on in Indy. Check out  the Music + Art Festival downtown at the Harrison Center for the Arts AND the Talbot Street Art Fair.

Here let me plan your whole weekend for you.

Friday: IMA Movie

Saturday: Music + Art Festival

Sunday: Talbot Street Art Fair

BOOM. See you there!


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