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New Music: Magic Wands


I’ll be the first to admin it, I’m addicted to Shazam. Also, my guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. While getting my GG fix and painting my bathroom, this sexy line came out of my laptop “I fell in love in a ordinary world”. I was hooked on the alluring lyric and the enticing guitar riff. What was this song? Enter, Shazam. The song in question was entitled Space. I immediately took to the internets to discover who they were. Magic Wands is made up of Chris and Dexy Valentine. Their currently based in LA, but looking to make the jump out east in the future. They’ve dubbed their song “lovewave” and each track is very different yet they share a common spacy-ish theme. They rocked out at SXSW this year and garnered some mad press.

Don’t they just ooze coolness?

“ ‘Space’ is the first single from the band’s debut full-length, Aloha Moon, and it’s a sexy and propulsive stunner. Dexy and Chris Valentine build an atmospheric and cutting guitar soundscape that beautifully foreground’s the former’s compellingly stoic vocal. It’s just a really cool song, suggestive of the darker side of ’80s pop and brighter side of falling in love.” – SPIN

” Magic Wands is Chris and Dexy Valentine, a husband and wife to-be who make sparkling, psychedelic-pop gems with names like ‘Teenage Love’ and ‘Kaleidoscope Hearts’.” – Nylon

Incapable of saying it any better myself, their album Aloha Moon is officially my summer album.

You can stream Aloha Moon on Spotify. I would, of course, suggest listening to “Space”and my other favorite is “Black Magic”. Check them out now and play your hip card later when they get big. “I listened to them when…..”



Official Page



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