Looks to Try

Purple Ombre Nails

Let me preface this post with, I know that the accent nail is getting more and more popular, and I’m not trying to be a hipster and try something different, but I saw this article on Refinery 29 and got inspired.  I didn’t have enough nail polish colors to do it when the article came out back in April, until yesterday I went to Ulta. I was on a mission to track down the best shine powder in the history of shine powders, Palladio Rice Powder and I needed to spend $5 more bucks to use my coupon. I gravitated toward the OPI polishes and saw this wonderful uber pale purple. I scooped it up with the full intention of painting my tips and adding a gold accent nail but when I returned home and looked in my nail polish drawer (yes I have one) I excitedly discovered that I was now in possession of 5 shades of purple. Now they don’t all match up perfectly, but I am not one to strive for perfection (as you can see in my nail picture, I suck at staying in the lines). Here are the colors I used, starting with my thumb:

#1 OPI:  Care to Danse?

#2 NYC New York Minute: Lincoln Square Lavender

#3 Sally Hansen Insta Dry: Vigorous Violet

#4 Essie: Play Date

#5 OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark

Topcoat: Sally Hansen Insta Dry Topcoat

The entire Sally Hansen Insta Dry line is awesome. There are plenty of bright colors to choose from, the polish tends to not chip as often, it’s inexpensive and it dries SUPER QUICK. Which is great when your like me are extra prone to smudges.

Finished product

I really, really, really like my nails and have been staring at them all day. It’s such a fun way to play with color. I think I want to try and do it with pink or red next.




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