FUN, What To Do

Ghost Tours, Free Stuff, Beer and Gambinozzz

Hello hello hellooooo! Have you caught on yet? Do you know what we’re doing? If you need me to put the blocks  together, here we go. (Hopefully) every Friday we’ll put together some cool stuff that’s going on in Indy. Things that are free (yipee), things that are not free, but mostly things that are fun and great. So here goes! 


History on Tap: You may or may not know, but I (Blythe) am kinda personally tied to the craft beer process and all its glory. History on Tap is this cool event happening at Connor Prairie. Tickets are $25 for drinkers and $12 for DD’s but there’s a great little speech, beers from many of the great breweries in town (minus the best) AND you get to frolick around Prairietown, which is from 1836. So that sounds cool. More info here and tickets here.

Historic Indiana Ghost Walk: So apparently you can take haunted tours of Indianapolis. Which I think sounds super awesome. They usually start around 9pm and last a little less than 2 hours. They have some variety for our Northside friends, apparently Westfield and Noblesville are haunted? News to me, but there are Downtown ish walks and Old Northside Walks. The one for tonight is booked but you can be wait listed. Anyway, I want to do this ASAP. Tour info here and tickets here.

Childish Gambino: Childish Gambino aka Troy Barnes aka Donald Glover will be in town tonight dropping some beats and some lyrics on the mic at the Murat (because I REFUSE to call it the other name). Hit up this concert if you’re in need of some street cred. Tickets here.


Indy Free Market: So the Earth House is one of the coolest places in Indy. They serve great food, have an even cooler space and put on amazing shows. They also do this thing called the Indy Free Market. On the 3rd Saturday of each month from 2:30 – 4:30, they invite folks to come and bring their unwanted/gently used items or services/talents and everything is fo free. Instead of dropping old clothes or books or furniture off at Goodwill, bring your stuff here and actually put it in the hands of someone who will use it and treasure it as much as you do. More deats here.

That’s all for me.



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