Music Monday: The Lumineers

Two minutes. That’s all it took. All it took for me to fall in love with The Lumineers.

“When we were younger we thought everyone was on our side, then we grew a bit and romanticized the time I saw Flowers In Your Hair.”


“Flowers In Your Hair” the first track on The Lumineers’ debut album (with an exact running time of 1:50), will captivate your heart and make your head swoon, guarenteed. The song is a short and sweet little didy that leaves a listener wanting more. And you know what? The rest of album delivers…like a Doctor Huxtable rocking a Cosby sweater under his scrubs.

If you’re not familiar with The Lumineers yet, soon they’ll be everywhere. Their single, “Hey Ho” has received major airplay from alternative stations around the country, as well as showed up in a recent Bing commercial. This commercial is a blatant attempt to connect with a hipper audience (there can be only one Google) so you know this band has mad cred.

The entire album is a strong representation of the rustic folk re-birth happening in the indie rock scene right now. The Lumineers takes us through heartbreak, mourning, a night out with friends, and the rush of falling in love all in a single record accompanied by a single bass drum, acoustic guitar, and cello. Now if that doesn’t give you chills, you need reevaluate your musical priorities.

But the best part about The Lumineers is that even though their record does an incredible job of capturing their raw, forlorn sound, their live show kicks even more ass. The Lumineers graced Indianapolis with their presence for two, count em two, sold out shows at Radio Radio in May where they had everyone eating out of the palm of their hands. Catch The Lumineers on tour and go like all of their social media-ish…OH! and listen to their music!



Official Site

peace, love, and gettin’ folky up in hurr,



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