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Walk the Moon: The Beginning

Over two and half years ago, this little lady that I’d met through mutual friends invited me to a concert. The lady in question, whose reputation definitely preceded her, was none other than my soon-to-be-best-friend Miss Katie Grace Carlson. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m always up for a concert, especially ones at the Earth House because the space is so cool. The two musicians were be bopping around the cafe and I mentioned to Carl how cute the dark haired one was. “Wait until he opens his mouth,” she told me.

They began to play, apparently they were waiting for another dude, but he was lost/stuck in traffic/flying by magic carpet and they didn’t want to keep us waiting. Their music was so simple, lovely and complex at the same time. Two voices, one guitar and a drum, I’d never heard people make such beautiful music with next to nothing. In December 2009, I saw my very, very first Walk the Moon concert.

Adam Reifsnyder & Nick Petricca circa 2009

I was smitten with Walk’s music and asked Carl to give me everything she had. I listened to it all on my crappy Ipod Shuffle because my regular Ipod had died. I placed all the Walk songs at the beginning of my playlist so I could always find them and not hit the shuffle button a million bajillion times. Walk came to Indy for the second time in February, they played for maybe 25 people, again at the Earth House and I finally got to hang out with Nicholas the aforementioned dark haired gent. At this concert, I started a little tradition, one I continued for quite some time, I wore a blue dress, a nod to my most favoritest Walk song (It’s since been semi retired). Nick, Carl and I became fast friends and soon Carl and I were jetting off in the White Night to Cincinnati every chance we got.

Our very first Cincy trip

That was over two years ago and my oh my have the times changed. I mean, we always thought that Nick would make it big, but back then Carl was only 18, so what did we know? We’ve been tagging along since, nearly, the beginning. Working the merch table for  who knows how many shows, playing music outside of Butler University Starbucks to promote a show, burning CD’s to sell (or crashing your hard drive which is what I did once). It’s been incredibly exciting to see the rest of the country finally get on board with music that we’ve loved for so, so long.

Today marks the first day of the rest of Walk the Moon’s life, their self-titled album is available for purchase, download, streaming, however you want to listen. If you would’ve told me on that December night that the band I was watching, the guy less than 12 feet away from me, would be playing David Letterman (tonight! N’oublie pas!), I just might have believed you. The crazy thing, that I can barely wrap my head around, is THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

It’s only the beginning for our dear friends and no where near the end. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Stay tuned world, stay tuned.



Official Page

Buy it! 


P.S. Their Anna Sun music video (extra points if you can spot Carl and I) + some of my favorite photos

They’re getting bigger…..

First photo when Eli officially joined the band

Kevs driving Carl’s car on late night pizza runs

Summer time fun at the Frank residence


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