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Music Monday: The Head and the Heart

I know that the Head and the Heart aren’t necessarily a “new” music group. You may have heard of them or been lucky enough to catch their SOLD OUT show at the Vogue this past spring. Regardless, they are awesome and folky and soulfully and beautifully and they make lots of wonderful harmonies. When listening to this album, I envision myself on a road trip. My windows are down, the sun is warming my face, one arm is hanging out the window and my destination is unknown. I look to my right and someone I care deeply about is my copilot and we’re in no rush to get anywhere. It’s just one of those albums. I strongly, strongly encourage you to check them out, you can listen fo free on Spotify!




ALSO ALSO ALSO – You can catch them THIS SATURDAY for only $20 bucks! The show is outside and all ages so all you <21 year olds can listen too. Also, I’ll be there. And Wagon will be too.

Sunshine and road trips,



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