What To Do

How to Talk to Little Girls

B. Bartel circa 1995

Today I’m getting a little cerebral and I’m okay with it as long as ya’ll are okay with it. One of my all time favorite bloggers is Joanna Goddard over at A Cup of Jo. She lives in NYC with her husband and little babe and she blogs about life, I highly HIGHLY suggest checking her out. Anywho, I saw an old blog post of hers, same title as above and it got me thinking (Full blog post here).  The idea is simple really, when you encounter a young girl instead of immediately making a comment about how cute she is or how pretty she looks, ask her a question that is more thought provoking. I remember being a little girl and people always commenting on my pretty dress or the bows in my hair but only my parents really asked me to use my noggin to think things through (I have a silly story about wolves to tell you all, but that’ll be at a different time). Wouldn’t it be amazing and cool if we, as women right here and now, started letting little girls know that using your brain is the best thing you can do? The original article, which inspired Joanna’s post and now mine, has some pretty scary statistics. Apparently 25% of young American women would rather win  America’s Next Top Model  than win a Nobel Peace Prize, and college aged women say that they’d rather be hot than smart. Wait, whaaaaaaa? Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love fashion and design and pretty things and pink and all that other girly stuff, but I’ve come to realize that what I wear and how pretty I look does not equal how valuable I am. I know that what will get my far in life what’s between my ears, not on my body. So! Ladies, gentleman, the next time you meet a little girl or why not just extend this to anyone in general, instead of immediately commenting on their appearance, ask them something a little more thought provoking. Can you imagine what a world full of smart, confident women could do?


P.S. This also made me wonder, if I could write a letter to 8-year-old Blythe up there, what would I say? What would you say to your younger self?


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