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Everything these days is about personalization. From custom rims to custom iPhone cases, our generation is all about self-expression in everything we do. Naturally, shoe companies such as Vans, Converse and Keds have jumped on this trend (and with a little help from Foster the People) to “pump up their kicks”. While designing your very own shoe online with the click of a mouse is pretty neat, here at Ballin we happen to know someone who eats custom Toms for  breakfast. 

 Meet Pembertons. A small business operated by a Fort Wayne native, Haley Deiser. Deiser, a student at Butler University, may have been born and raised in the land of Vera but she ain’t no boring, paisley fabric pattern. When taking an order, Deiser tells her customers to make a list of everything they could ever want on a shoe. From famous works of art to your most cherished song lyrics, Haley always finds a way to make it work on a single pair of shoes. Using any white show as her canvas, Pembertons are truly the most personalized and meaningful pair of shoes you’ll ever own.
Look out for an interview with Haley Deiser next week and browse her past creations on her Facebook page .
Check out this exclusive Pembertons video for a behind the scenes look at the history of the company. It’s a MUST watch. Get inspired.
peace, love, and small business,

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