What To Do

Sarah Jaffe- “Glorified High”

So apparently this chick has been around for awhile, touring with popular acts such as Norah Jones and Midlake (LOVE THEM). But the other day during my shift at Madewell, I heard Sarah Jaffe for the first time. As I was folding our Perfect Racer Back Tees for the bajllionth time, I caught the following lyrics:

“Partly for the story. Solely out of boredom. Mostly for the hell of it. It’s where you get your glorified high.”

This really hit home per a conversation I had with a good friend a view days prior. I, Carl Carlson, have “Jessa” syndrome (if you don’t watch HBO’s Girls this means nothing to you). See, Jessa does what she does because it makes for a great story. Everyone knows someone like this in their group of friends and in my friend circle, this person happens to be me. What can I say? I’m a 20-something who is curious about life…

Anyways, the lyrics aren’t the only thing moving about this song. It’s gorgeous chorus builds and releases right in that sweet spot that makes your heart feel like someone is giving it a big hug. If Robyn were to write a slow jam that explored some folk-like elements but stayed true to her dance anthem roots…it would be “Glorified High”. AKA: Awesomestuff.


So happy Monday and happy listening.

I do things for the story,



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