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DIY: Making a Terrarium

As most of you know I love flowers and green things, but after a while, flowers get a little pricey so I was looking for an alternative. Terrariums are lovely, I see them all over Etsy/Pinterest/insert cutesy site here. I was intrigued and wanted to try and make one for myself, but most of terrarium plants are green, which, duh is the point, but I like a little color. I searched and searched and searched and discovered this great Etsy shop called Succulent Oasis. The pretty plants in this little shop are wonderful and colorful and just lovely. So I bought a 4 pack of plants and headed to Habig Garden Shop, a little place up the street from me. I picked up a jar from Target and here is a little Ballin’ on a Budget trick I discovered. If your looking for cool glass and head to the home section everything is $10+, BUT if you mosey on over to the kitchen area and seek out glass storage containers, everything is significantly cheaper. So after my flowers arrived in the mail I set out to create my own terrarium.

Here’s what you need: Beautiful little succulents, Glass container, Rocks, Charcoal, Moss, Cactus Soil (succulents are actually little baby cacti)

Little succulents from Succulent Oasis

All my supplies from Habig Garden Store








STEP ONE: Fill the bottom of the container with pebbles. Make sure the entire bottom is covered. When you water your terrarium all the excess water will be stored down here until your plants get thirsty.

STEP TWO: Next step is to add charcoal. This does something else for the plants, but I don’t remember. The Habig guy said I needed some, sooooo I got it. 

STEP THREE: Add some moss! Moss does more science-y things like help with water and stuff. 

STEP FOUR: Put a nice, thick layer of the cactus soil on the tippy top.

STEP FIVE: Finally! We’ve reached the plant part! I would suggest setting your plants in the soil to see how you would like to arrange them and then planting them individually. To plant a little guy, dig them a little hole in the soil, set them in it and then fill around them with soil. Repeat for all your plants.

First one in the back!

All my little guys in their new home

Side shot-check out all the layers

And that’s all folks! Succulents are really easy to take care of. Make sure you put them in a semi-sunny spot and water them a bout 2x a week. I check their soil and see if it feels damp or not and if it doesn’t feel damp to the touch I get them some water. After a few days your succulents will begin to open and revel in their new home (see the picture at the tippy top)! Since this is Ballin’ on a Budget, I’ve included how much I spent in total! You could very easily make this much cheaper by not picking specialty succulents, but I like color, so I was willing to pay a bit more.

$$$$ Spent:

Succulents ( from Succulent Oasis) – $20 + $12 S&H = $32

Glass (From Target) – $4.50

Supplies (from Habig Garden Store) – $12

Total: $48.50

Peace, love and succulents,



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